"I've watched God build churches from the ground and I've  asked God why he always has me to do these types of things... He said, "because you're a builder."

Apostle Carter Videau

He attended night classes four times a week, for one year; while working full time. He finished high school as valedictorian. Following the success of finishing high school, his father took ill to cancer and he moved back to Louisiana to take of him. 

In 1984, he graduated from Union Baptist Theological Seminary with a Bachelor's degree in Theology. After this he worked for a number of government agencies.

While in Louisiana he was the pastor for New Zion Baptist Church in Crown Point, Louisiana from 1982-1998. He also continued to play the organ for surrounding ministries when they needed him. 


The building New Zion was in was very old and needed many repairs. For the reconstruction, they began in the fellowship hall. Unfortunately before the loan for the construction was complete the contractor had already torn down the hallway, leaving things at a stand still.

Knowing God, He always has a "ram in the bush" to help in the time of need. One of the member's, Ms. Adea Smith, used two of the houses she owned as collateral for the loan and the bank allowed things to proceed. Because of  how God touched her heart, New Zion was able to be fully repaired.  Apostle Videau created yet another choir called the  "Voices of Zion." This choir consisted of more than 60 voices.

New Zion broadcast from the very tip of  Florida  to different parts of the country for  9 years. They also had a prayer line.

Once they went off the air they received so many calls and letters asking why the broadcast stopped. The amount of  lives they changed was innumerable. 


Since 1999,  Apostle Carter Videau became the pastor of Victory Christian Center, now Victory Church. In 2011, he was ordained as an Apostle and presiding Prelate by Vision Fellowship International in Louisiana.


Victory Christian Center had a drug and rehab center for men (Unity) and women (Grace House) for a combined total of 10 years. At this ministry, with the combined help of many others, Apostle Videau has build out reach ministries, feeding programs, and a 5 fold ministry always ready to do the  Lord's will.

Apostle Carter Videau attended Fredrick Douglas Elementary in Gretna, Louisiana. After he graduated from there he attended Lincoln High School in 1961, where he met Dr. Apostle Diane Hinsley. Due to problems at home, he dropped out of high school in the 11th grade. In 1969 he was drafted into the U.S. Army. He served in Vietnam. In 1972-1974 he relocated to Germany where he joined the K-Town Gospel Singers.

The K-Town Gospel Singers sang in Berlin, Frankfurt, London and many other cities across Europe. After touring Europe, Apostle Videau moved to Texas in 1974. During his time there, he played for Mount Hope Baptist Church for three and a half years. After three years he then transferred to El Paso, Texas. While in El Paso, he played for Friendship Baptist and Community Baptist Church. 

He played for Friendship Baptist and Community Baptist Church from 1975-1980. It wasn't until January 18, 1978 that Apostle Videau accept Jesus as his Lord and Savior. One year before moving back to Louisiana, in 1981, he decided to get his high school diploma.

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